jellyfish, llc

Founded in 2019, Jellyfish, LLC is a Missouri company focused on telemedicine services. Providing physicians with safe and secure access to patients in all verticals of remote medicine. Jellyfish creates brands and demand for physicians through our 20+ years sales and marketing expertise. In addition we provide the administrative, billing, reputation management, reviews and technical infrastructure physicians need to securely connect with patients. Our HIPAA complaint infrastructure allows physicians to focus on providing outstanding care and reach patients who need them the most.



With 14,000+ annually recurring patients and growing, 420ID.com has become the largest provider of medical MMJ qualification reviews in Missouri. Working with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) 420ID has provided a safe, secure and reliable way to find the physicians needed to comply with state qualification requirements. Our offline promotion efforts, through radio, TV, newspapers, billboards as well as all online advertising channels including SEO, SEM, email, text and social media, patients trust 420id.com. 420ID is a BBB accredited, wholly owned brand of Jellyfish, LLC.

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